It’s what we have: the written, the inscribed, the “given” –

and how we want to perform it. Or not.

written-not-written is an open platform dedicated to musical processes before and beyond the actual production of music.

How music is bound with non-musical things, signs, systems, rituals, and how it passes through medias, histories and bodies.  

All texts, sounds and images compiled in the framework of the

practice of Augustin Maurs. 



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exercises (/)

say wa

sway wa

sing wa

say wa wa

sing wae wae

swing we

sing waewaewaewaewaewae


say barbarian in english

say barbarian in lingwish

say barbarian in bwinglish

say barbarian in schqwingluish


play after the first

play after the same

play the same after

play after after

replay the same

invert and reverse

there is no time in time

there is no time in thyme

there is no time in rhyme

there is no time in shine

prove it

take it

take it here

take it from here

take it as far as possible

forget faith

bounce on loss

dance in air

fall in bliss

again and in any order

use your tongue to write

use your tongue to lick

use your tongue to click

this is technique

sing your lover’s favorite song

sing your neighbour’s favorite song

sing your despot’s favorite song


add red

add bits

add bits of red

add beats of red

add one

add two

add one and two

add them

add time

add sound

add true

add wrong

add loss

add tino

add nono

add sweat

add secrets

play a dot

play a plot

play a stain

play a grain

play one dot again

play with shame

play without

play two dots

play two plots


drip blue

drip red

drip high

drip low

drip sweat

drip voice

drip choice

drip inside

drip outside

drip dripping

drip nothing

drip it

drop it

start processes

make no works   


separate by ending

separate by starting over

separate by transcribing

separate by stopping for ever

separate by changing

separate by cutting

separate by ripping

separate by giving up

separate by buying

separate by burying

separate by burning

separate by fading

separate by fainting

separate by laughing

separate by keeping going

separate by knowing

put back and start over

play two against two

play two against three

play three against three

play three against two

play two against too

play too against three

play three against tree


take off shoes

take off shirt

take off cube

take off worth

take off rank

take off blank

take off stage

take of cage

take off quotes

take off dope

take off time


don’t start

don’t start

don’t start

stop holding

don’t start

don’t vote

go to the end

start in the middle

draw your soul as a tree

draw sour soul as a fee

draw your soul as a bee

draw your soul as a flop

draw your soul as a blob

sing it

go in

go out

go in and out

go out and in


destroy system


try to get red

try to get high

try to get blue

try to get low

try to draw

try to flaw

try to draw fast

try to flaw fast

try to draw fast and low


why f sharp

why sharp

why f


une heure sonne

une heure sonne

une heure sonne

une heure sonne

insert noise

insert your noise

find secrets

betray future

betray past

betray this minute

betray centuries

betray history

betray depth

betray debt

betray shame

betray surface

betray colours

betray favours

betray censors

betray sensors

betray speed

betray best

betray karl

betray shape

betray your betrayed desire

betray continuity

betray eternity

start over and try opposite way

try to imitate wind

else where

else when

else I

else you

else them

je me perds

>je< me perd

this is you

this is else

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