is a selection of documents and projects compiled in the framework of the practice of Augustin Maurs.

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Exercises (/)

play a dot

play a plot

play a stain

play a grain

play one dot again

play with shame

play wihtout

play two dots

play two plots


drip blue

drip red

drip blood

drip red

drip high

drip low

drip sweat

drip voice

drip choice

drip nothing

drip it

drip dripping

drip inside

drip outside

drop dripping

add red

add bits

add bits of red

add beats of red

add one

add two

add one and two

add them

add time

add sound

add true

add wrong

add loss

add tino

add nono

add sweat

add secrets

there is no fan

there is no plan

there is no act

there is no pact

there is no beat

there is no what you think

try it

try at home in museums

try at home in concerts

try at home in zoos

try at home in waves

try at home in lines

try at home in noise

try at home here

try at home there

try at home in between


try to get red

try to get blue

try to get high

try to get low

try to draw

try to flaw

try to draw fast

try to flaw fast

try to draw fast and low

try to get there

try to sing a spiral

try to sing a line

try to sing in line

try to sing online

try to stop time

try to stop in time

start with beat

start with heat

heat beat

swell beat

burn beat

cool off the heat

there is no beat

act for real

act for fake

act for good

act for evil

act for ever

act for fever

act for after

act for enter

act for against

act for suspense

act for expense

this is acting

don’t act

don’t sync

don’t do >it<

check out

this is doing

try to imitate wind

make a boom boom

make a boom

a boom boom boom

a baboom

try not to die

obscene melody

nauseous melody

vertical melody

flat melody

fat melody

molded melody

sacred melody

negative melody

open melody

given melody

square melody


moral melody

mortal melody

try it

else where

else when

else I

else you

else them

je me perds

>je< me perd

this is you

this is else

betray future

betray past

betray this minute

betray centuries

betray history

betray depth

betray debt

betray shame

betray surface

betray colours

betray favours

betray censors

betray sensors

betray speed

betray best

betray karl

betray shape

betray your betrayed desire

betray continuity

betray eternity

start over and try opposite way

take it as far as possible

forget faith

make it symbolic

make it a little bit symbolic

make it almost symbolic

make it real

make it a little bit less real

make it half real

drip blue

drip red

drip blood

drip red

drip high

drip low

drip sweat

drip voice

drip choice

drip nothing

drip it

drip dripping

drop dripping

drip inside

drip outside

take a breath

simulate a curve

time does not pass

give up something

give it a zooop

this is a curve

rotate torso

rotate wrist

rotate from end to beginning

rotate from beginning to end

rotate from pain to pleasure

rotate 380°

rotate against rotation

rotate a little bit to much

duplicate rotation

don’t panic

give an impulse that leads to another

to another to another to another to another to another to another to another to another etc.

the last leads to nothing

this is really something

use your tongue to write

use your tongue to lick

use your tongue to click

sway your tongue

draw a line with your tongue

draw a sound with your tongue

this is technique

separate by ending

separate by starting over

separate by transcribing

separate by stopping for ever

separate by concluding

separate by escaping

separate by changing

separate by cutting

separate by ripping

separate by giving up

separate by buying

separate by burying

separate by burning

separate by fading

separate by fainting

separate by laughing

separate by forgetting

separate by keeping going

separate by knowing

put back and start over

try excess in berlin

try excess in borneo

try excess in piccolo

try excess in freedom

try excess in femdom

try excess in boredom

try excess at home

don’t start

don’t start

don’t start

stop holding

don’t start

don’t vote

go to the end

start in the middle

draw your soul as a tree

draw sour soul as a fee

draw your soul as a bee

draw your soul as a flop

draw your soul as a blob

sing it

change the place

change the pace

change the air

change the fair

change the time

change the mine

no need to change the form

get rid of public

get rid of private

get rid of clothes

get rid of bones

get rid of outside

get rid of inside

get rid of this

get rid of hours

get rid of passwords

get rid of hands

get rid of eyes

don’t laugh

try one if at a time

try two ifs at a time

try three ifs at a time


say wa

sway wa

sing wa

say wa wa

sing wae wae

swing we

sing waewaewaewaewaewae


go in

go out

go in and out

go out and in


destroy system


insert noise

insert your noise

insert your sweat

insert other

insert others

find secrets

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