is a selection of documents and projects compiled in the framework of the practice of Augustin Maurs.

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Sonic Territories plays with the idea of territory as geographic, but also as sonic and mental entity. During a site-specific project, a group of artists, musicians, and composers reactivate and reinvent the giant “loudspeaker wall” of the Beishan broadcast station on the shore of the Kinmen Island in Taiwan.


Hsia-Fei Chang
Wang Fu-Jui
Augustin Maurs
Ada Kai-Ting Yang


Special guest:
Kinmen County Choir



Myth, Music and Electricity draws on the Herkulessaal’s appellation and plays with the adventurous and puzzling construction of myths. Electric, high pitched and amplified instruments are the protagonists, along with musical bodies and exhalations of Hercules’ prowesses.


Monica Bonvicini
Angela Bulloch
Nina Canell and Robin Watkins
Annika Larsson
Susan Philipsz
PPKK (Schönfeld and Scoufaras)
Karin Sander
Louis Scoufaras
Invited by Augustin Maurs





The historical context of the “Tempo Rubato” and its literal root (stealing time: a sin) recalls a heretic and recurrent need to overcome the “given” time, within its institutionalized and codified standards. Beyond this quest, the idea of “stolen time” emerges as the necessity of accessing the moment, of entering a reality.


Saâdane Afif
Sarah Darwin
Jean-Pascal Flavien
Tisha Mukarji
Annika Larsson
Jonathan Monk


Invited by Augustin Maurs

Composed by Augustin Maurs, commissioned by Saâdane Afif on the occasion of his exhibition “Das Ende der Welt” at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin. The brief of Afif’s commissioned work to Maurs was “to compose a musical piece for vocal ensemble and percussion as if the action would be set a few moments before the end of the world”.


Performed by The Last Ensemble with special guests Ricardo Frenzel Baudisch (tenor), Katharina Schrade (soprano), Sarah van der Kemp (soprano), Yuka Yanagihara (soprano), and Ni Fan (percussion).


The Last Ensemble features: Martin Åkesson, Audrey Andrieu, Katharina Beckmann, Nina Berclaz, Cornelius von Bernstorff, Oliver Coleman, Sarah Darwin, Helga Dittmann-Pätsch, Guillaume Doerflinger, Philothée Gaymard, Cornelia Hiller, Hervé Humbert, Sam Kennedy, Cosima Knyphausen, Katharina Kritzler, Rüdiger Mangel, Sigrun Meyer, Alberto Piu, Antonio Piu, Cathia Ruf, Marilena Stano, Renate Wolf.



Virtuosity, a signifier for outstanding artistic mastery, simultaneously  blurs the boundaries between opposing forces, and where required, between good and evil. The project takes place in the Berlin Philharmonie, the architectural masterpiece of Hans Scharoun.


Saâdane Afif
Bethan Huws
Christoph Keller
Annika Larsson
Klara Lidén
Olaf Nicolai
Tracey Rose
Tino Sehgal
Invited by Augustin Maurs


Special guests: Truike van der Poel, Kammerensemble für Neue Musik Berlin and the Chor der Kulturen der Welt.





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